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SMA has been effectively treating and curing patients for 35 years using Ayurvedic techniques and medicine. We are a caring, skilled and experienced clinic with a great track record of success. We deal with a very broad spectrum of illness from diabetes to back pain, eye problems to cancer. We have recently achieved a breaththrough in successfully treating CFS/M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis).

Our treatments are highly focussed on the individual, following a free consultation process. This way, we can tailor an appropriate treatment pathway which ensures best results for the patient. All treatment is carefully monitored to ensure beneficial adjustments are made. We are proud of the excellent standard of health care we provide in a relaxed setting at very reasonable cost.

SMA operates 2 clinics in God’s own country-Kerala- located in the South-west of India. Clinics are located in stunning Varkala by Dr Abin and in Kariganoor by Dr Sathyanadan. If you or your carer wish to combine treatment with a fabulous holiday then we recommend Varkala. Patients can stay in rooms at the clinic or choose their own accommodation.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your health needs. We are confident we can treat you successfully in an atmosphere of trust and support.

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